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St Anthony's is very proud to have an Eco-Club and be an Eco community. Our school is committed to developing strategies that sustain and enhance our school grounds and local area.


The Eco-Club empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects such as Adopt A Street Campaign, Energy Saving Week, Ditch The Dark and Single Use Plastic Campaign to promote the importance of living sustainably and reducing our carbon footprint.


Our newly installed RecoBox enables pupils to learn outside of the classroom. The green roof provides an essential habitat to support insects on which many birds depend on for food. The habitat walls attract a variety of bees, butterflies, beetles, spiders and ants.


Our Eco School is committed to creating change for the benefit of future generations.


St Anthony's Eco-Club 2021/22

Well done to our Eco-Club who worked together to write a new eco code for St Anthony's.

They were so good we will use a section from each.


Today the Eco-Club made fat balls to feed the birds.


The Eco Club have been learning about COP 26 and will educate their class about it and the Paris Agreement.


Today the Eco-Club were learning about the effects of single use plastic. We sorted new water bottles and delivered them to each class.


Our pupils will have no need to use single use bottles anymore.


Well done to the eco representatives from Primary 1, 2 and 3 who had their first meeting together. They discussed the upcoming Big Walk and Wheel and informed their classes afterwards. 

It was great to see our pupils and some staff walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Fantastic turnout today! All these people and more, walked, cycled, scooted or car shared to school.

It's great to see so many young pupils and families walking or cycling to school in this beautiful weather. Keep up the good work.

What a fantastic turnout today for the end of week 1 Sustrans Walk and Wheel.


Thank you everyone for taking part.


@Sustrans @Ecoschools 

St Anthony's new Eco Team for 2022/ 2023.

Our Eco Club out on their first litter pick. Mostly aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glass.

The Eco Club had their last litter pick of the year.

They got a little treat for all their hard work this term.

St Anthony's Eco-Club 2023/24

Today Gary Mc Kinney came from Eco Schools NI to assess our school for the Green Flag award. 


He talked to the Eco Committe about their action plan, about climate change, transport and biodiversity.


Gary was very impressed with all the work done so far and congratulated the pupils on all their hard work after school and during their lunch break.


The Eco Committee had a very busy day yesterday.


They painted pictures for a wall display, put netting over the fruit and veg and built some planters.


Of course, the boys said no need to follow the instruction manual 😄

Pond Dipping


The eco club took advantage of the lovely weather to do some pond dipping. We found tadpoles, water beetles, pond skaters and water boatman.



Today Simon and Hannah from Translink came to talk to us about Translink's promise to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030.


Translink plan to decarbonise the entire rail network.


They also presented everyone with a bag of goodies including a reusable water bottle.


Our winners of the Translink art competition were Caodhan Roddy and Caoimhe Fox.


All the posters were excellent. Congratulations boys and girls. Have a look at this Translink video   

On Thursday 19th June Ms McCusker took Naoise and Olivia to Belfast to the 30th anniversary of Eco Schools NI.

Over 2253 schools across Northern Ireland have been awarded the Green Flag to date.

It was a very special day for St Anthony's , not only did we receive our Green Flag but we also won Eco School of the Year.

Congratulations to Ms McCusker, the Eco Committee, the after school Eco Club, our building supervisors and all the staff and members of our local community who have helped us over the last 2 years.


On the 7th June the pupils of St Anthony's celebrated World Ocean Day.

World Ocean Day

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